Meet the Board of Directors Chair: Angie McElhaney

Impacting Kansas City’s construction industry through a detailed, personal approach

Angie McElhaney stands posing in the lobby of the Mark One Electric office

If you ask Angie McElhaney what motivates her, she’ll likely respond with: “Someone telling me I can’t, or someone who doubts my abilities or competencies.”

Her self-confidence, motivation and drive to engage with others earned her the position of chief financial officer at Mark One Electric Company, Inc. and 2024 Board of Directors Chair for The Builders, a chapter of the AGC.

The characteristics that make McElhaney a perfect person for Board of Directors Chair have been part of her makeup long before she became a member of the leadership team at Mark One Electric.


A Moberly, Missouri, native, McElhaney’s first job was as a clothing steamer at a local family-owned retail business. She went on to receive her degree in accounting from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

While pursuing her career in accounting, she found herself in the construction industry for the first time as a temp in Albany, Georgia, working in a trailer on a hospital project.

When she and her husband, Tim, moved back to Kansas City with their two sons, Taylor and Nick, to be closer to family, she started as a receptionist at a local certified public accounting (CPA) firm that had several local construction companies as clients.

The partners at the firm supported her in getting an accounting degree while she worked part time. She became a CPA and continued to work in public firms with construction clientele as a strong focus.

As she progressed to the level of partner at a public accounting firm, she became increasingly curious about the actual “business” of a construction company.


As a CPA with a strong base of construction clients, it was a natural fit for McElhaney to get involved with The Builders to support existing clients and meet potential partners in the construction industry.

At that time, she was able to meet many of her peers through the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), and Don Greenwell, former president at The Builders, was a mentor of her while she was a member of the CLC.

“I let Don know of my aspirations to be involved in leadership roles with the Association of General Contractors (AGC) and The Builders, and I was fortunate to be on the boards of both entities.”

While serving on the board for The Builders, she was offered the opportunity to work for one of her clients, Mark One Electric.

“I worked with Mark One Electric and quickly realized how much I didn’t know about construction companies, and it was fascinating how much I still had to learn,” McElhaney said. “I eventually transitioned to Mark One Electric full time and continue to learn something new nearly every day.”

Transitioning to a leadership role at a construction contractor strengthened her desire to be involved with The Builders. Fast forward, and she is now the first CLC Steering Committee Chair to be Chair for The Builders.

“I simply love being a part of The Builders … I’ve been connecting with its members and employees for over 20 years,” McElhaney reflected. “I love the synergies of The Builders, the ways that competitors are friends, and how potentially adverse parties find ways to unite for the good of the industry.”


McElhaney’s experiences as a woman in construction and as an involved member of The Builders offer a platform for her to bring a fresh perspective to the Heartland’s construction industry.

“Having an accounting background lends to a more detailed, personal approach to business,” McElhaney mentioned. “Managing people is something that is integral to business, and women can really add value by listening and motivating people - providing a well-rounded understanding of others’ perspectives and how they work together with the tangible aspects of the construction industry.”

As a motivator with a self-described “strong-willed” personality, McElhaney does more than talk the talk, especially for women in the industry.

Mark One Electric hosts a women’s chat group once a month, which is a time McElhaney always looks forward to.

“It’s a group of women who get together to learn about industry-related topics as they relate to civic, political, geographic and regulatory issues,” McElhaney explained. “I am also involved in the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), which meets monthly to discuss financial matters for the industry. It’s also a good network with a national presence, similar to the AGC.”


Her plans as Board of Directors Chair are about what she can do for others.

“I hope to bring together Lance’s energy and experiences into the traditions and strong foundation of The Builders, ensure his tenure starts out strong, and make sure he is set up for long-term successes,” she said, referring to the new president of The Builders, Lance Claiborne. “I want to be a bridge for him to develop relationships with our long-term members and share my knowledge of the playmakers in our region.”

Connecting with members and staff to ensure they stay united during this time of intense growth and regional market-building is another high-level priority for the new Board Chair, and she doesn’t want new members to be intimidated.

“The Builders may seem to be a tight-knit group at first, but once you make connections, people will look forward to tapping into your perspective and finding a place for you to belong,” McElhaney notes. “The new MATCH program for new members is a quick, manageable way to get to know all the services and benefits of the association over a six-month period. I love being a part of this program, as I also get exposed to a whole new group of people I have never met.”

Throughout McElhaney’s journey in the construction industry, seeking to understand others’ perspectives has ultimately led her to accomplish major career goals.

Her guidance to others is built upon her own experiences: “Show up to the events, introduce yourself and keep at it. Don’t give up before you have a chance to see the benefits, or the cool people and projects in our region,” she advises.

She also acknowledges that decompressing is necessary when working hard.

For McElhaney, that balance comes from spending time with her family, reading books like “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott, getting a laugh from the Kelce brothers while listening to their “New Heights” podcast, and visiting new states until she achieves her personal goal of traveling to all 50.