Plan Services

View each of our regional Builders EPR Plan Room Briefs. Or visit The Builders EPR at

The Builders EPR is available to The Builders, a chapter of the AGC members at very reasonable rates. EPR subscribers have access to up-to-date postings of projects in Missouri, Kansas and the surrounding areas.

Builders EPR service includes:

  • Message board for instant project information
  • Continue to view projects 120 days after bidding has closed
  • Timely emails provide updates on project reports and upcoming seminars
  • Search by Location, CSI Division or keyword
  • All projects fully integrated with On Center’s On-Screen Takeoff Software, a free viewing software that allows figuring of SF, LF and counts
  • Print plan documents in any size including 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 scale
  • Users are notified of new projects when they login
  • Customize and print Plan Room Briefs according to user profile
  • Download multiple files simultaneously
  • Help screens and staff contacts for information and support

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Onsite Plan Room Facilities

For those members that feel more comfortable visiting a physical plan room, The Builders has onsite Plan Room facilities in Kansas City, Jefferson City and Springfield. The following is a brief outline of services that are available in our Plan Room facilities:

  • Hard copies of select projects
  • Computers and large monitors for easy viewing of electronic documents
  • Large format scanning, printing, and copying services available
  • Access to Plan Room Briefs that keep you up-to-date on upcoming bid opportunities

All Builders members have access to Plan Room Briefs by logging in to our website or visiting one of our onsite Plan Rooms.