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Bluebeam Revu Training

Looking to improve your Bluebeam skills? The links below show tips and tricks while using Revu to save you time and money.

Interface and Navigation

Markup Tools

Markups List

  • Markups List – Manage and track markups that can be filtered, searched, imported and exported
  • Compare Documents – Compare two documents, clouding any differences and placing the results in the Markups List. Especially beneficial for drawing revisions
  • Formula Columns – Create custom columns that include formulas for calculation using variables and data from the Markups List
  • Custom Columns – Add customized columns to define additional data for your markups
  • Capture Media and Export Media – Use the capture tool to embed images and video to markups then export them using Capture Summary
  • Custom Statuses – Clearly identify markups with different states of completion using custom statuses
  • Applying Actions to Search Results – Apply styling, highlights or other actions to results from a text or visual search

Editing Documents

  • PDF Editing – Edit the PDF content in text in published PDFs, modifying it, moving it or erasing it all together
  • Search PDFs – Search for text and symbols within your document and apply actions to the results
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Transform scanned PDFs into text-searchable and selectable files

Drawing Management

  • Sets – Sets let you view, access and navigate an unlimited number of various source files as a single document in a single tab
  • Tags & Drawing Logs – Tags help users easily create, configure and manage Sets by using information already found in a document
  • Compare Documents – Compare two documents, clouding any differences and placing the results in the Markups List.
  • Overlay Pages – Find differences in documents as they are placed on separate, colored layers to highlight variation.
  • Spaces – Once a space has been defined, all markups added to that space will be tracked in the Markups List, which can be filtered to show detailed information
  • Bookmarks and AutoMark – Jump to pages and places using editable bookmarks, and create them automatically with AutoMark
  • Batch Link – Quickly and automatically link an entire group of pages or documents for easy navigation with Batch Link
  • Batch Slip Sheet – Bulk replace PDF content or pages to quickly get the right information of the page with automation of Batch Slip Sheet
  • Creating Markup Summaries – Export the data from your markups to a report that you can share with others or use in another program
  • Drawing Uploader – Upload documents and drawings to the Drawings web app for distribution to the field
  • Drawings Viewer – View uploaded drawings from the web interface or Bluebeam drawings App
  • PDF Packages - Bundle multiple PDFs in one container that allows easy access to many files.

Document Processing

Studio Workflows

  • Studio Overview - Find out more about Studio, a service built into Revu that allows you to collaborate with project partners wherever you are
  • Studio Projects - Studio Projects provides a simple Document Management System in the cloud
  • Studio Sessions - Revu users can add markups to the same PDF document together in real-time using Studio Sessions, or individually at any time while the Session is active.

PDF Security

  • PDF Security - Apply a password to open the PDF file or set permissions to what your recipients can and cannot do.
  • Digital Signatures - Digital Signatures ensure the authenticity and integrity of your digital ID when signing and validating documents electronically
  • Flattening – Make markups a permanent, unchangeable part of the PDF

Working with Measurements

  • Quantity Link – Link measurement totals from multiple PDF’s to Excel worksheets for automatic bid calculations using your own predefined formulas and formats
  • Measurement Tools – Take essential measurements like length and are, count from PDF’s and perform area cutouts
  • Calibration - Set the scale of your drawing so that measuring and sketching can be done properly.
  • Creating Markup Summaries - Export the data from your markups to a report that you can share with others or use in another program.
  • Dynamic Fill – Select large or irregular areas and quickly crate spaces, markups, and measurements all at once
  • Measurement Cutouts - Remove areas from an existing area or volume measurement to create more accurate measurements.
  • Quantity Takeoffs in Revu 2019 - Gain full control of your next quantity takeoff with enhancements to the Measurements Panel, Scale calibration, Properties

PDF Forms

  • PDF Forms - Create and distribute PDF forms with text fields, buttons, check and list boxes, digital signature fields and more.
  • Create New PDF & PDF from Template – Create new, blank PDFs, generate PDF templates installed with Revu, or create custom templates to reuse


  • 3D PDFs - Take advantage of 3D PDF technology using the same tools and technologies you are accustomed to in Revu.

Plugins and Administrator Tools